We’ve been fortunate to share our fields with Ultimate players from all over the world. I wish that I could remember all of your names, but instead I’m just left with the sense of what awesome, fun people are drawn to this game. We’d be honored if you’d like to leave a comment to say hello / share your experience hanging out with us.

7 thoughts on “Shout

  1. francois

    really nice friendly crew out there on hanalei and the field is amazing.

    we had a gooood time. Thanks for the invite.

    big hug from Québec.

  2. Jeff Brown

    Esther and I had a blast last week playing with you guys in Hanalei. Thanks so much for the great game and friendly atmosphere. All our best from super cold Boston.

  3. Shah & Marieke

    Thanks for the fun games and excellent company–we’ll be back. Till then, look forward to hosting anyone who visits NYC at our game. Aloha.

    1. troy Post author

      You guys are good ulty spirit personified and have my vote for the Kauai Ultimate visitor hall of fame. Hope to play with you again, whether it be here, NYC, or Hopu.


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