No games due to impending zombie plague

Our games are temporarily paused while Kauai tries to flatten the COVID-19 curve. If I die you guys have permission to eat my flesh. Am lean, but well-marbled and come pre-marianated. Update April 12: Fuck this fucking virus. Update May 23: in the butt.

Lovefest Tournament Feb 21-23, 2020

Registration is open for the post Kaimana Klassik hat draw.


Disc on February 9 has been moved to Kealia beach for Laurie AKA “Sparklcpants”’s birthday. There might still be some folks who don’t get the memo and show up at Lydgate but for the most part, any Sunday disc this week will be on the beach at Kealia. We’ll be back at Lydgate next weekend.

The Games

Games are Sundays 4:00 and Tuesday/Thursdays 5:00 pm at the Lydgate Park sports fields. Weekdays things can be a bit slow to get going but eventually it always does.

We usually hang out and talk story afterward, so please feel free to stick around and pillage the coolers. Check the mailing list if you have any questions. We’re pretty good about letting the list know about the rare rainout or cancellation.


Every Tuesday and Thursday 5:00pm; Every Sunday, 4:00 – sunset (and beyond)
Lydgate Park Sports Fields
Turnout: Sunday’s always have 7’s and subs; Tuesday/Thursdays usually 5’s or 6’s. . . except lately. If you’re a visitor and thinking of coming out, consider letting us know about it to assist in motivating our slackers to the field!

Directions: Find Lydgate Park, look for people throwing a disc in one of the three fields (lately the middle or southern-most field).

Very occasionally we’ll get bumped by soccer. If that happens you can find us fighting the onshore breeze on the big field by Kamalani playground.


All games are co-ed and all experience levels are welcome. It’s a game of Aloha, only in Ultimate vernacular, we call it spirit.

Ultimate field