If anyone would like the uncropped, full resolution photos, just ask!

Kalawai Park May 19, 2013

Random shots from Hanalei c. 2011-2012

Lovefest 2011

The Hanalei Hat Draw tournament (AKA, LoveFest) was a great success. About 65 players came out for games and shenanigans on a soggy but beautiful day in Hanalei. The after party lasted well into the night…

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  1. jeph eisenbach

    awesome ultimate this saturn day in hanalei …i fondly remember many kauai verses the world and fullmoon lovefests there …mahalo for keeping things running aaron
    hope to get a game in sometime this year :-) but at 55 and 1) acl recunstruction as well as 1) supraspanaetus tendon reconstruction ( as a result of ultimate fully layed out passion I will have to play it by ear if you know what I mean … are you going to Kaimana Klassik this year ?Jim Middlebrook and I were stoked to play on Nektar Haagen for several years with Dan Harrington ….Shaloha


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