Spring League 2018

Oh yeah, it’s on! Be one of the cool kids and join in on Kauai’s first ever Ultimate League! League play starts April 8th at the Lydgate Park sports fields.

  • Free!
  • Beginners welcome
  • Enjoy Ultimate’s unique Spirit of the Game
  • Amazing community and great fun (on and off the field)
  • Co-ed, 13+
  • Cleats are recommended

The basics of Ultimate are simple and fairly quick to pick up. You can think of it somewhat like frisbee football, or soccer, and the skills crossover well. Check out Ultimate in Ten Simple Rules.

Please feel free to ask any questions

Here’s the tentative schedule:

4/8 3:30pm clinic + 1 game for each team
4/15 4:30pm 1 game
4/22 4:30pm 1 game
4/29 4:30pm 1 game
5/6 3:0pm 2 games
5/13 3:00pm Semis + Finals + party!

Games are to 15 points or 90 minutes.
Pickup is on as usual after the games finish.