[Quick pano snapped by Aaron Feinberg in between points.]

The Games

Games are Sundays* and Thursdays at Lydgate 4:30 pm. Except the first Sunday of each month is not at Lydgate. Instead, there will be a game in Hanalei and in Kalaheo as we work to build and bring in new players.
NEW, Jan, 2015: There’s now a Tuesday Lydgate game that is starting to pick up momentum. Game on at 5pm.

We usually hang out and talk story afterward, so please feel free to stick around and pillage the coolers. Check the mailing list if you have any questions. We’re pretty good about letting the list know about any rainouts or cancellations.


Every Thursday 4:30pm; Tuesday’s 5pm; Almost every Sunday, 4:00 – sunset (and beyond) Note: the first Sunday of each month is in Hanalei AND Kalaheo. We’re trying to revitalize the other games and bring some new people in.
North Lydgate Park Sports Field
Turnout: Rocking. Lately, you’ve gotta run hard to get your playing time in. That’s a helluva good rebirth for East Side ultimate!


1st Sunday of the month, 4:00 – sunset (Note: The first Sunday of each month only, the other Sundays are at Lydgate for the winter)
Kalawai Park, Kalaheo
Turnout: 6-10, A bit spotty. We’d love to have steady games again in 2015!
The Gang at Kalawai Park


1st Sunday of the month, 3:30 – sunset (Note: The first Sunday of each month only, the other Sundays are at Lydgate for the winter)
Hanalei Soccer Fields
Turnout: Turnout very spotty here in early 2014. Make some noise on the list if you want to get something started. This field is likely the most beautiful setting you will ever play in.


Tuesdays, 8:00 – 10:00 pm [Lights are available at 7pm but most people don’t arrive until 8pm. Light switch is on the pole to the left of the restrooms.]
Koloa Ultimate is back, baby. (Although it’s still best to check the list to make sure it’s on.)
Koloa Baseball Fields
Hope to see you on the grass, under the lights!

Co-ed. All experience levels welcome. It’s a game of Aloha, only in Ultimate vernacular, we call it spirit.

Ultimate field