The Games

Games are Sundays and Thursdays at Lydgate 4:30 pm. It’s getting dark earlier now so let’s try to keep that “Hawaiian Time” in check.

We usually hang out and talk story afterward, so please feel free to stick around and pillage the coolers. Check the mailing list if you have any questions. We’re pretty good about letting the list know about any rainouts or cancellations.


Every Thursday 4:30pm; Tuesday’s 4:30pm; Every Sunday, 4:30 – sunset (and beyond) Note: Tuesdays are currently Hopu team practice but Thursday and Sunday always have great turnout and anyone is welcome (this means you, grandma!).
North Lydgate Park Sports Field
Turnout: Rocking. Lately, you’ve gotta run hard to get your playing time in. That’s a helluva good rebirth for East Side ultimate!

All games are co-ed and all experience levels are welcome. It’s a game of Aloha, only in Ultimate vernacular, we call it spirit.

Ultimate field